Police Looking For Purse Snatcher

By: Melina Matthes

OMAHA (kptm) - Omaha police investigators are asking for your help identifying a woman who they said has been raking up thousands of dollars in charges on another person's credit cards.

In this week's Caught On Camera, Fox 42 News and Crime Stoppers are working together to catch a thief.

Marcia Tauriella said the crook used her credit card to buy hundreds of dollars in clothes at Gordmans, as well as merchandise at Michaels, but what really upset her the most, was the memento the thief stoleher $12,000 wedding ring.

Tauriella thought she would never see the diamond ring again. "I thought, it's really terrible that people do this to innocent people who live in nice neighborhoods, with nice neighbors."

But she said she now has hope of getting it back. Investigators discovered the thief had showed her face at Casey's General Store. "I thought, that was so foolish and she's met her match because I'm going to make sure to find her."

Police investigators said the crook left a trail by writing two checks from Tauriella's stolen checkbook. Now they are asking for your help identifying her. "She's broken the law. It's a felony offense and it's my personal belongings, my personal memories. My wedding ringand the right thing to do is to let somebody know who it is."

Tauriella said in addition to her wedding ring and credit cards being taken, the crook also stole her work badge, parking ID and passport.

Crime Stoppers officials encourage anyone with information to contact them. They say they don't want your name and they'll pay you a cash reward if your tip leads to an arrest.

If you know any information about the suspects whereabouts, contact Crime Stoppers at 444-stop.