Police Looking For Two Snowmobiles Stolen From Council Bluffs Business

By: Melina Matthes

COUNCIL BLUFFS (kptm) - Council Bluffs police are asking for your help finding whoever stole two snowmobiles from a business.

In this week's Caught On Camera, Fox 42 News is working with investigators to catch a thief.

The business owner said he's frustrated.

He knows the thieves climbed the fence surrounding his shop. He knew that because the thieves left footprints in the snow.

They then used a bolt cutter to cut the chains on the snowmobiles that were parked right next to the door, but what the crooks didn't realize, they were caught on camera by the video cameras across the street. "Very frustrating, you know? You put in 10-12 hours a day to have the things you enjoy and somebody just feels the need to steal them from you. Yes, it's extremely frustrating," owner Rod Pressgrove said.

Council Bluffs police are now looking for the driver of the pickup truck. Investigators say the crooks snuck onto RP Performance's property and stole two 2002 Yamaha Viper snowmobiles along with the trailer holding them.

Surveillance video shows the pickup leave the parking lot with the loot attached. Pressgrove was astonished, "a little bit of shock, somebody pulling up, taking your possessions."

He said he thought the snowmobiles were safe and secure at his business over the weekend. He said they couldn't have been easy to steal. "We had the snowmobiles and the trailer parked right next to the door. We had them attached to the fence. We had them attached to the motorcycle trailer and then we had the tongue locked."

But all of those security measures didn't stop the thieves. "They just cut the chain, cut the padlock"

And when Pressgrove arrived at work Monday morning, he was surprised at what the crooks left behind. "When I came in, the chains were cut, locks were laying there, and the bolt cutters were laying on the ground."

He now asks everyone to be on the lookout.

He said somewhere nearby there's two blue snowmobiles parked in a driveway that weren't there two weeks ago. "Hopefully they find them, that's all we can hope for," Pressgrove said.

The truck had license plates from Nebraska on it and he said he thinks it's someone that lives in Omaha and works in Council Bluffs. He believes that because he said the snowmobiles were parked out of sight. The only people that would've even known they were there are the ones that drive 9th Avenue often.

He encourages anyone with information to turn the crooks in.

If you have any information regarding this theft or you have seen the snowmobiles, contact Detective Harris at the Council Bluffs police department at 712-328-4709.

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