Police: Men Beat Up Driver After Motorcycle Crashes Into Car

OMAHA (KPTM) - Police say a man was speeding on a motorcycle in North Omaha Sunday night when he crashed into a car. After the crash, police say friends of the motorcycle rider harassed the driver of that car, so he left and came back when police officers arrived. Police say two men then attacked the driver, punching and kicking him in front of police officers.The accident happened shortly after 8 p.m. Police say Eric Sandoval had stopped at a stop sign, then pulled out. The motorcycle was being operated by Darrell Woods, Junior. Police say Woods was speeding.After the crash, police say Sandoval got out to help Woods, but a crowd of people started harassing him. Fearing for his safety, Sandoval told police he drove to his home nearby. The crowd followed him there. Sandoval drove back to the accident scene when police arrived.Police say two men, 30-year-old Alonzo Williams and 30-year-old Daniel Randle started punching and kicking Sandoval. Police intervened and took the three men into custody.Sandoval was later released, Williams and Randle were arrested for misdemeanor assault and disturbing the peace. Randle was booked for a gun charge.Other charges in the case are pending.