Police: Accused Serial Rapist Will Go to Trial

Maureen Wurtz

OMAHA (KPTM)-A suspected serial rapist will go to trial.

Anthony Vaughn, 41, waived his preliminary hearing this week.

Vaughn is being charged with raping five different women over a ten-year time span. Police investigators said DNA testing linked him to the crimes. In 2010, Nebraska lawmakers passed a law that required all convicted felons to be DNA tested.

Since then, Nebraska State Patrol said, it has processed more DNA samples, and solved more crimes.

Nebraska State Patrol officers said it found 75 DNA matches to the FBI database, and said Vaughn's DNA was one of those matches.

Vaughn's DNA was collected after he was convicted of stealing a jar of coins from Julie Arant's home in 2011.

Arant said, she keeps that jar of coins as a reminder. "This isn't a story about locking your doors."

Arant said, Vaughn walked into her home right after she had jumped in the shower on March 8th, 2011.

"When I think about it, it doesn't bring any fear, because I was so aware of God's presence and His protection," said Arant.

Arant said that earlier that day, she opened her prayer book. She said, she read the wrong entry, but it turned out not to be an accident. The passage was about angels.

"I thought, I wonder God if You're going to protect me today," said Arant.

Arant said she works with international students, and decided to call a police officer to talk to her students about staying safe in Omaha that day.

She said, while she was in the shower, Vaughn got off at a nearby bus stop. She said, a woman was driving by her home, and saw Vaughn pacing in front of it and called 911. "The man who I just called heard her call over the radio. "I think that there's a robbery at 90th and Western," so that policeman started calling my cell phone," remembered Arant.

Arant said, for whatever reason, Vaughn was spooked, and ran out of her house with her jar of coins. Police caught him a couple of blocks away.

Police said, that because of that burglary and the DNA requirement, they were able to link him to five unsolved rape cases in Omaha. "I was thankful for God's sovereignty that through the DNA match, that they were able to track it back to him," said Arant.

Arant said she was shocked when she found out about Vaughn's charges. "I was honestly shaken, when I first heard it," said Arant.

However, Arant's story isn't about fear- it's about faith.