Police: Yutan Vandals May Be Hiding Out In Omaha

By: Melina MatthesMMatthes@kptm.comYUTAN (kptm) - New information has the Saunders County Sheriff's Department working with Omaha Crime Stoppers to catch a group of thieves. Police said they broke into a private pool in Yutan. Now investigators think the crooks may be connected to crimes in Omaha. One Yutan man is taking the next step in catching them.People living in Yutan are seeing 'wanted' posters all over town, after a group of guys broke into a pool not once, but twice. The owner wants answers and he's hoping you can help him out."I ask that somebody that recognizes them, please turn them in and get this type of activity stopped because somebody is going to get hurt, it's just a matter of time," victim, Todd Rannals said.Police are searching for these crooks and Rannals is doing all he can to help catch them. He's talking with local businesses and putting up posters of the thieves after they broke into his pool and went for a swim. However, they didn't stop there. When they noticed they were caught on camera, they went after the surveillance video."They apparently weren't discouraged by the security that we had so they did keep going and we weren't able to get here to find out who they were or catch them in the act."After breaking into the pool house, Rannals said they stole a large flat screen TV. Just a few days later, it happened again; only this time during broad daylight."My kids were going to come over and swim and my wife and I had just ran to town for a second and thank god they decided not to come over here because I don't know what would've happened. So it's frustrating and very scary."He said people living in Yutan don't recognize the group of guys. The sheriff believes they're from a surrounding community."Whether its Omaha or Valley or Waterloo or Mead, you know Yutan, wherever they're at I hope the word gets out and somebody recognizes them."Crime Stoppers is offering a cash reward to anyone that knows these crooks and Rannals said he's even willing to sweeten the pot. If you have any information on these crooks whereabouts, contact Omaha Crime Stoppers at 444-STOP or call the Saunders County Crime Stoppers at 443-8181. You will remain anonymous. "Like" Melina on Facebook and follow her on Twitter to stay connected.