Political Fliers Heat Up Mayoral Race

Paul Gutierrez

OMAHA (KPTM) - A series of fliers attacking Omaha mayoral candidate Jean Stothert are making the rounds to Omaha voters and causing quite a stir.

A second round of fliers released this week are linking Stothert to President Obama and higher taxes. This comes just days after another flier was sent out to voters depicting Stothert as someone who supported taxpayer-funded abortions. The group behind the ads is listed as the Omaha Alliance for the Public Trust.

"It's just completely unethical," said Stothert's campaign manager Ryan Horn. "Nobody should be able to deliberately lie to voters right before an election."

In another development Wednesday night, the Stothert campaign is demanding that mayoral hopeful Dave Nabity publicly denounce the ads. It accuses his campaign manager of calling the fliers "apparently accurate."

Calls to the Nabity campaign for comment were not returned.