No Injuries in Gas Line Explosion Near Fremont

FREMONT (KPTM)-Several fire crews are on the scene of a natural gas lineexplosion north of Fremont. Crews said a natural gas line exploded Fridaymorning.

There were no injuries in the explosion.

"I heard a really loud boom with a secondary noise behind," said TeresaMenking. Menking said she and her husband were in their shop when the heard thegas line explode around 8:30 AM Friday morning. "You could feel a change in theair pressure," said Menking.

"It wasn't a barn burning, or a house burning. There was too much blacksmoke and the flame were too tall," said Ron Thompson. Thompson said he wasdriving to Fremont and could see the fire from miles away.

"I was surprised at the sound that it made," said Thompson.

For seven hours, firefighter stood and watched the gas line burn because itwas too dangerous to get any closer.
"They've been known, on rare occasions, to erupt and take out a square mile,"said Nickerson Fire Chief, Jerry Dillenburg.

Dillenburg said he had never seen a fire like the gas explosion on Friday.

"When we hear explosion and the first thing that goes throughour mind is a structure fire and a house gas line blew up or something likethat. We come out with all the equipment to fight a structure fire and on theway out we find out it's a gas line," said Dillenburg.

Officials at Northern Natural Gas cut off the gas supply tothe line, but crews had to wait until all the gas had burned up before movingcloser.

"We can't do anything about it. You can't get close enoughwith anything or water or anything to put the flame out," said Dillenburg.

Mike Loeffler with Northern Natural Gas said it could takeweeks to figure out how the fire started.

"There was nothing there that hit the pipeline so it was arupture underground that blew up-and static electricity more than likely causedthe flame," guessed Dillenburg.

The Hooper fire chief sent us a video of the huge fireball that could be seen from several miles away. Visit our facebook page to view it: