Potholes Cause For Concern

Curt Casper

OMAHA (KPTM) - It is that time of year again, potholeseason. Late winter and early spring are prime times for potholes; they arecaused by rain or snow melt freezing overnight. Water stores up in cracks in thepavement. While public works is starting to repair the streets, many driversare growing impatient.

Drive Down any street in Omaha at this time of the year andyou might notice it's a little bumpy. Potholes like the one on 90thand Dodge are becoming more common.

Ridgewood and Poppleton Avenue may be one of the worst hitareas. Terry Mount lives in the area and he tells Fox 42 News the street hasbeen bad for 40 years. He tries to avoid the street whenever he can.

"It is worse then a speed bump really. You know the speedbumps are coming, but you don't know where the potholes are exactly," he said.

Public Works told Fox 42 News it's working on fixing thepotholes on the main streets of Omaha and will get to the residential areas, asthey are needed. They are asking for patients when it comes to those sidestreets.

Dave Orso believes the people in Omaha are beginning to losetheir patience.

"I think a certain amount of patience is understandable butI think we are patient and it is time to get something done," he said.

To report a pothole in your area you are asked to call(402) 444-4919. The city also has an app you can download, just search for"Omaha Mobile App."