Prepping For A Snowstorm

OMAHA (kptm) - With tomorrow's big storm coming, lots of people have been making sure they have their windshield scrapers and shovels ready. Others have been making sure the roads are set for snow.

For most of us it won't matter how heavily it snows, we'll still need to be out in it, so it's good that by tomorrow night the city's plows will be out on the roads.

But there are others helping clear out the snow and they all had plenty of prep work to get done today. "The weather man says it's going to snow like crazy tomorrow," Steve Kohler with Mid-City Jewelry and Loan says.

And that means making preps today, because for some there is no business like snow business. "We're out here gassing them up, running them and making sure they're ready to go," Kohler says.

These workers spent the morning testing out the new and used snow blowers. They sold a few today, but he says most people won't hit the stores until the first flake falls. "We haven't had snow in what 296 days? So we had some left over from last year and we've got this year so a good selection and everybody waits until the last minute. When it starts snowing, here they come!"

Even though some might be holding off until there's proof of snow, the plowers are revving up their gear and getting ready to go. "We're getting our salters ready, our mechanics are inside getting our salters on, we're getting our blades on our trucks. Our bobcats are getting ready and serviced and we're getting equipment out to job sites," James Barger with JR Barger & Sons says.

These guys mostly plow large parking lots like shopping centers and apartment complexes. They're hoping to help keep people safe even once they get to where they're going. "It's all ready to roll, we've got snow blowers over there, snow blowers over here, ice melt."

And lots of salt, they say it should get them through tomorrow, but they do have another semi truck full of salt coming. That way everyone's prepped for any snow that lies in the metro's future. "We're ready for the rest of the year," Barger says. "It's gonna snow and blow. We're ready for it," Kohler says.

And the city could declare tomorrow's storm a snow emergency. Officials with the Public Works Department say there aren't any 'hard and fast' rules on when a snow emergency is declared. It depends on how much snow accumulates and how much drift there is on streets that have already been plowed. If you park on a street on a snow emergency route, you'll need to park on the odd-numbered side of the street tomorrow. If you're parked one an even-numbered side when a plow comes, you could be looking at $50 ticket or even getting your car towed.