President Pushing For Universal Preschool

Paul Gutierrez

OMAHA (KPTM) - President Obama reaffirmed his commitment for universal preschool at Wednesday night's State of the Union. Now, some local educators are speaking out about what its benefits would be.

"When children are in school you can just see how they bloom," said Shea Wilburn, a teacher at Kids Can Community Center.

If Wilburn had her way, every child in America would have access to a quality education.

"It's a shame when kids can't go to school because of financial reasons," said Wilburn.

It's something the president says he's determined to change, but opponents of universal preschool believe the price tag would be too high. Education experts estimate providing an education for every family would cost upwards of $25 billion a year. There's also concern about the federal government getting too involved in the education process.

Kids Can's CEO, however, sees a big benefit in early education.

"Asking a four or five year old to be ready for their first classroom is sometimes actually quite a bit, so as many tools as we can give them beforehand the better to make sure they're successful," said Robert Patterson.

President Obama also announced his support for universal preschool at last year's State of the Union.