Puppy Palooza In Full Swing at Nebraska Humane Society

Maureen Wurtz

OMAHA (KPTM)- The Nebraska Humane Society took in dozens of puppies over the past few weeks, that's why it decided to create an event to help get them adopted.

Instead of filling out brackets, dozens of people filled out adoption papers Wednesday. "We got lucky and got to save this little puppy," said Jeremy Saathoff.

"This will be my fourth dog total that I've gotten from here," said Jim Bever.

The Nebraska Humane Society called and dozens of people came running to adopt all the puppies rescued from close by animal shelters or dropped off.

I haven't had a dog of my own for a while now," said Izzy Tuzzio. "I'd like to raise one to be somewhat of a service dog and a companion. So, I'm looking for something a little bigger," said Tuzzio.

Tuzzio spent hours at the humane society searching for the perfect pup. She sat down with one special 9-week-old lab mix-and she was sold. "Look at those feet-you got some big feet," said Tuzzio.

The adoption kennels at the humane society were full of puppies this week. "Oddly enough, they all came in about the same time," said Pam Wiese, with the Nebraska Humane Society. Wiese said not only were dogs picked up at shelters in Missouri and Kansas, but also some puppies were dropped off at the shelter anonymously.

"I think that most of them are out of here and in their new homes," said Wiese.

"It's nice to give them a better home, because a lot of them are abandoned," said Tuzzio.

Tuzzio and many others, helped give the little pups a new home and a lot of love.

"He's got the perfect little face," said Tuzzio.