Quest Bars Involved In Lawsuit Over Misstating Carb and Fiber Count

By: Leah Uko

OMAHA (KPTM) - A nutrition company is being accused of lying about its nutrition facts. A lawsuit claims Quest Nutrition misstated the amount of carbohydrates, fiber and calories in contains in its protein bars.

The plaintiff claims there isn't 18 grams of fiber in one protein bar, but about 50 percent less than that. He also claims there is about 20 percent more calories than the 180 stated on the nutrition label.

"Yeah the fiber might not be accurate, the carbs might not be exactly what they say," said Aundrea Stoetzel. "But I don't think it's going to be enough to where it's really going to affect the person's diet."

Stoetzel and Jennifer Bohle monitor how many carbs they eat closely, but that may be difficult if the lawsuits' claims are proven true.

The fitness model competitors told FOX 42 News, until the proof is presented they won't be convinced.

According to sports nutritionist, J.R. Kingery, misstating nutrition facts can be damaging to a person's nutrition goals.

"If someone is diabetic and you don't know where those carbs are coming from, maybe they're high in some carbs, low glycemic or high glycemic it's going to affect the way someone feels or their insulin spikes throughout the day, which is going to greatly affect, you know, weight loss or what they're trying to do with weight loss."

Quest Nutrition responded in a statement on its website that the lawsuit was filed due to "not understand the current state of fiber science". It also fired back that the plaintiff has no proof of his claims.

Regardless of the lawsuit outcome, Kingery said people should not rely on protein bars or supplements for the core of their diet.

"The best case scenario, eat real food. If it had a mom or comes from the ground, eat it. It's going to be better for you. Your body is going to recognize it."