Health Officials Worry Rabbit And Squirrel Meat Are Being Sold Illegally

By: Melina Matthes

OMAHA (kptm) - A home in north Omaha advertising the sale of illegal meat has the health department worried.

They're not sure if the homeowners are actually selling wild game or if it's a hoax.

Fox 42 News spent several hours at the home trying to contact the homeowners, but to no avail.

We want to show you what we saw and find out what you think.

It started with a Facebook post from the Omaha Police Officer's Association; fresh wild rabbit being sold out of an Omaha home. "It's illegal," Douglas County Health Department spokesperson, Joe Gaube said.

The sign outside the home has since changed. Fish, raccoon, and squirrel are now on the menu, but who's buying it? "It hasn't come from a USDA approved plant to where it's been processed properly, stamped and inspected," Gaube said.

Neighbors said the homeowners have lived there for years and the signs have been there just as long. "They're really good people and nice and all that," neighbor James Jones said.

But no one has seen anyone buy the meat. "Have you ever bought the meat or has your grandmother ever bought the meat? No ma'am, not that I know of. No? Do you know of anybody in the neighborhood that's maybe bought from them? Um...not that I know of."

Unsure of the situation the health department left a letter, warning them to stop selling the meat if they actually are. "If it's not done in a clean, sanitary environment we could have the spread of food borne illnesses. If it's not done in a proper temperature you could have issues with meat going bad," Gaube said.

But now, the signs have been removed and after several attempts to talk the homeowner. It's not certain if it's a hoax or a legitimate operation.

Nebraska game and parks are also looking into it, as it could be a hunting violation. We want to know what you think. Do you know what's going on at that home? Do you think what they are doing is wrong? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page at

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