Tenants Still Can't Return Home After Devastating Fire In Apartment Building

By: Melina Matthes

COUNCIL BLUFFS (kptm) - People living in a Council Bluffs apartment building are still not allowed to return home after a fire heavily damaged the second and third floors Friday night

Neighbors said this isn't the first fire in the complex.

Caution tape surrounds the building at Greenbriar apartment complex.

Residents said management was able to get into the building and retrieve a few items for people; however the majority of tenants have not been allowed back inside their apartments to see the damage.

Residents in the complex said they worry for their safety. "We were scared, later on. My wife's still scared. Any little fire like that she's justshe wants to go," Larry Dargitz said.

Flames and smoke billowed out from the top floor and roof of the Council Bluffs apartment building Friday evening. "It was horrific. I just couldn't believe what was going on and what was happening and the only thing I could think about was is everybody okay," Bobbi Blake said.

Firefighters quickly put out the blaze, but the fire still burns in the memory of those living in the complex. Dargitz and his wife have lived in the community for 6 years and he said this is the second fire they've seen rip through the apartment.

He worries it could happen in his building. "We don't know where we would go or how we would be able to live."

He fears the next time is even worse and that they may not be able to get out. "I'm deathly afraid of it and I don't know if my wife and I can even jump that far from the floorit would break our legs."

The people that were forced out of their homes from the fire have since found other places to stay in the meantime. Many had family and friends living nearby, but those that didn't the American Red Cross came to help.

No one was severely injured in the fire. One person was taken to the hospital for observation.

The cause of the blaze has not yet been released. The fire marshal is still investigating.

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