Restaurant Report: Barbecue Ratings

By: Leah Uko

OMAHA (KPTM) - Many of Blue's Smoked BBQ's violations had to do with repairs, which the owner worked to fix.

When the restaurant near 50th and Center streets opened a little over a year ago, the restaurant got more than 15 violations. Most of the violations were non-critical, but Ronald Blue took them seriously and decided to shut the restaurant down for two months in order to fix everything before opening back up.

"Which really, really hurt business, but it needed to be done where I could strip everything out," Blue continued. "There was no way in the world I could have done that and had customers come in. strip everything out, tear out dry walls, everything to get it up to standard."

Blue's Smoked BBQ is rated "Standard". The inspector told employees they need to wash their hands before prepping food and that sanitizer pails need to be available at all times.

Blue showed FOX 42's Leah Uko how he corrected these violations.

"Instead of actually trying to catch her while it was going on I got out of her way so she could actually get the experience of what goes on here so I could get the true evaluation, you know, what it is we need to change and deal with. Yeah I don't mind criticism."

BBQ Catfish and Wings Shack is also rated "Standard". It was ordered to separate chemical spray bottles from food contact items, keep all packaged foods six-inches off the floor and an inspector wrong that frozen fish needs to be thawed in the refrigerator or underneath running water.

Hartland Bar-B-Que 54th Street and NW Radial Highway has an "Excellent" rating with two write ups--replace a plastic shield in the ice maker and label cleaning spray bottles.

The manager Yanet Sorriano showed how both violations had been corrected.

"We want you to feel comfortable coming in here. Like if it's your house, you know, we keep it clean."

Sorriano said the key to keeping up to par with health codes was filling idle time with productivity.

"If you have a slow time, we, you know, go clean, make sure the lobby is clean, the kitchen is clean, you know, the serving area is always clean."

Boyd and Charlies BBQ is Elkhorn has an "Excellent" rating. There was lettuce on the bottom of a reach-in cooler with food spills on it and employees need to clean grease build up from a floor underneath kitchen equipment.