Restaurant Report: Fast Food Spots on Dodge Street

By: Leah Uko OMAHA (KPTM) - Thousands of people drive up and down Dodge Street every day and many of them stop for fast food. After receiving requests from viewers, FOX 42's Leah Uko looked into the inspection reports for some of the fast food restaurants on Omaha's busiest street. Popeye's Fried Chicken is known for its fried chicken. So an inspector wasted no time citing the location near 46th and Dodge Street for having old raw chicken. This was the only critical violation the "Standard" rated restaurant got. Just a mile down Dodge Street is a Burger King near 76th Street. This branch is rated "Excellent". The inspector told staff it needs to keep product off the freezer floor and clean the floors more often, especially underneath equipment. Almost every McDonald's in Omaha is rated "Excellent". Director of Operations, Vicky Young, credited good personal hygiene as the reason. Young wouldn't go into detail about any specific inspection, but said after each restaurant is inspected, management takes the same action. "We make them write an action plan on what they're going to do so they don't get that," Young continued. "If a restaurant did have something that was really critical that would have to be brought up to, obviously, to myself and the owner." Viewers requested FOX 42 look into the McDonald's inspection report near 77th and Dodge. This branch is rated "Standard". Its beef patties must reach 155 degrees Fahrenheit before serving to customers. It also needs to keep the napkins for the happy meals off the floor. A health inspector said the water in the quat sanitizer at the Taco Bell near 70th and Dodge Street was too cold at 60 degrees Fahrenheit. It was also instructed to clean the fryer and hood. This location has an "Excellent" rating.