Restaurant Report: Viewer's Choice

By: Leah Uko

OMAHA (KPTM) - After receiving many calls, emails and letters requesting FOX 42 News look into the Old Market Spaghetti Works it was found that restaurant located near 11th and Howard streets is rated "Fair".

There were 25 violations on its inspection report--10 critical. But on the follow up inspection, the restaurant corrected all but four minimal write-ups.

Employees were instructed to wash their hands often to remove soil and continue cleaning the floors and walls throughout the kitchen and bar.

Southern Spice Indian Restaurant--also called Chef India on its inspection report was docked for 12 violations and is rated "Fair". The restaurant located on 108th Street corrected most of those violations.

It still needs to make sure no employees reuse chicken meat shipping boxes to dry other objects. It was also instructed to thaw meat under cold running water or in the cooler and keep food at least six inches away from the floor.

Not all restaurants viewers requested are rated poorly.

Baxter's in Benson is rated "Excellent".

It was only told to lower the concentration in the sanitizer, provide a label on plastic bottles and clean the slicer before storing.

Old Fashioned Garden Café also has an "Excellent" rating.

The only critical write-up was to either label the sanitizer pails or use red pre-labeled pails.