Retired Paramedic Who Saved Man's Life Gets Honored

Paul Gutierrez

PAPILLION (KPTM) - If you ask Rodney Bosserdet, a retired Air Force veteran, about the accident that nearly killed him February 4th he'll tell you it was all a blur.

"No memory about that day at all."

Bosserdet's car swerved off the road during a snowstorm. Luckily, Bill Roberts and his son were driving right behind him.

"I saw the car hit a pole and fly up in the air about five feet," recalled Roberts, who is also a former Omaha paramedic. "That's when I stopped and my son and I were able to rush over there and get him out. I told my son to hold his head as we laid him on the ground."

For his actions, Roberts was greeted with a round of applause Friday at a special ceremony at Papillion Fire Station 1. Family and friends of both men were also there to offer their support. Roberts was also recognized for performing the CPR that ultimately saved Bosserdet from certain death.

"I'm glad I was there," Roberts told Bosserdet. "It was unfortunate that it happened, but I was glad I was there."

With a decorated cake and handshakes all around, the two men reunited Friday to celebrate life. For Bossderdet, he now gets a second chance to live life to the fullest.

"I've already finished rehab and my doctors say everything is okay, so I'm very thankful."

Papillion firefighters were also honored for their heroism at the ceremony.