Ricketts, Hassebrook Running for Nebraska Governor

Laura Barry LINCOLN (KPTM)- Pete Ricketts is going to be representing the republican party this November. He is going up against Chuck Hassebrook who ran unopposed, Tuesday. Find out what both candidates face as they gear up for the general election. Ricketts battled five opponents in the primary election and Hassebrook faced a few write-ins. Ricketts said, "planning for the general election starts today. We were very focused on winning the primary. We had a lot of work to do. My top competitors, I'm looking forward to working with them but now we've got to start looking at how we're going to win in November. My opponent is going to be tough. We're going to work hard, it's going be tough, but we'll beat him." Hassebrook said, "I think it matters. You know, after spending enormous sums of dollars, millions and millions of dollars, republican nominee Pete Ricketts got fewer votes last night by about ten thousand than I did and so there's a lot of votes for grabs in this state and we're going to go after them." Ricketts said, "what you're going to see this campaign focus on though is still the fundamental question: how do you grow Nebraska and that's again about improving educational outcomes, growing the economy, especially agriculture and I think creating more and better jobs in this state by making companies more competitive and cutting taxes. That is going to be how I think the race is run." Hassebrook said, "I've fought for family farms. I've helped tens of thousands of businesses get started. I've worked to expand tuition assistance for working families at the University of Nebraska in my 18 years at the University of Nebraska board of regents. I've worked on making the university help grow our state, grow Omaha through our med center. So you'll learn a little more about my background in public service, and my commitment to education." (Ricketts said, "I've got experience in helping a small business. I helped turn a small business here in Nebraska into a big one. So I know from the inside what it takes to grow a business and that's exactly the kind of experience we need to have in government to get those barriers out of the way for small business so they can grow and hire more of our children and grand children. Hassebrook agreed that Nebraska's climate for small business needs to improve. And both candidates are worried that property taxes are too high, but offer separate solutions. Hassebrook is for Medicaid expansion, while Ricketts is against it. Another significant race for both parties is the US Senate race where republican Ben Sasse will square off against democrat Dave Domina. Both of these candidates won by a landslide in Tuesday's primary election. The winner of the general election will replace Mike Johanns, who is retiring.