Santa Accused of Spreading His Holiday Flatulence Downtown

Franque Thompson

OMAHA (KPTM)- Santa is known to spread Christmas joy, but there's a particular Santa out there spreading holiday flatulence. And Mr. Claus' bad odor got him punched in the face by one man. But this Santa says he's been framed.

"I was just trying to enjoy myself as Santa Claus, you know, spread good cheer," said the man in red, John Sneller.

Spreading good cheer isn't exactly what people thought this guy was up to.

"I'm a big fan of the movie 'Bad Santa,' but this was a pretty dirty move by this guy," said Danny Bazis, the man who punched St. Nick.

A dirty move that came from where the sun don't shine--not even for Santa.

"I'm a victim. I mean, can you not free range fart in public?" asked Sneller.

Bazis said that he and his friends were outside of a bar in the Old Market. He said "Bad Santa" was making all sorts of rude comments to everyone around him just before he approached Bazis and lifted his leg. And that's when he says "Bad Santa" ripped one on him.

"I think it was an innocent bystander and I got blamed for it," said Sneller.

"You just don't lift your leg on another guy like that. I definitely don't think I smelled it, but I just maybe felt it," said Bazis.

Felt it enough to punch Santa right in the kisser.

"No one punches Santa Claus. And I mean like, really? And there was no, I didn't even know about the flatulence. I mean I really didn't know," said Sneller.

Punching this Santa didn't ruin anyone's Christmas cheer. Bazis says it actually helped him go Facebook viral.

"I've gotten a lot of messages. I'm starting to get gifts now, I just got a grinch hat from a friend," said Bazis.

But he said he's proud to be the grinch if it will help people enjoy downtown Omaha without Santa's bottom burps.

"I guess a lesson for Santa would be to not be out drinking the night before Christmas and just focus on delivering gifts," said Bazis.

"I know who's naughty, I know who's nice, but I draw that line in getting punched," said Sneller.

Maybe next year Santa will stick to spreading Christmas joy instead of his colon cologne.

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