Trashy Problem In Sarpy County Has Sanitation Workers Concerned

SARPY COUNTY (KPTM)-Sarpy Countyexpects its landfill to be completely full by the middle of next year. Thatmeans there will be more travel for trash haulers and the possibility of aprice increase for some services.

Thetrash will get hauled to DavidCity, Nebraska. It is a120 mile round trip that's troubling to Gretna Sanitation workers.

"Withthe tipping fees going up, that worries us a little bit," Mitch Harpenausaid. "If the fees goup, we might have to pass that along to our customer, something we don't wantto do."

GretnaSanitation believes the clock should not be ticking on the Sarpy County Landfill. In fact, it believes that if people justrecycled more it could have made a world of a difference.

"Iowa's30 years ahead of where Nebraska should be when it comes to recycling efforts. Comparetheir landfills to our landfills, they've saved maybe 20 to 30 years.It's notfair to them that a lot of Sarpy County's trash is going out there, goingthrough their towns and putting wear and tear on their roads."

The wearand tear could begin as early as next June. Sarpy County administrators don'texpect county taxes to skyrocket once the landfill reaches capacity.

Earlierproposals to expand the landfill or create a new one didn't pan out in Sarpy County.