Several Alcohol Related Arrests At College World Series: Police And Bars Cracking Down

By: Melina MatthesMMatthes@kptm.comOMAHA (kptm) - The College World Series has only just begun and the Omaha Police Department has already arrested several people for MIP's and DUI's. Officers have also run into many who are drinking in areas they shouldn't be. Fox 42 News talked with one bar about what it's doing to ensure people don't get out of hand. The Old Mattress Factory is enforcing alcohol consumption. Bartenders said they want everybody to have a fun time, but they want them to be safe. "There are a ton of cops around here, undercover, even just outside. I mean if you've been down here you've seen how many there are." Omaha Police said its cracking down on those breaking the law at the College World Series and the bartenders at the Old Mattress Factory are ensuring only those over 21 are buying alcohol. "We definitely are. The security guards card at the door but even our bar manager is telling us still if you are unsure check it again," bartender, Kelsey Buskirk said. If they still think you're underage, she said they'll take your driver's license. "We keep all the ID's if we're even unsure. We have them sign a book just to verify. I mean it's really strict." And if they catch you drinking in an area that you shouldn't be "You have to go right up and say, hey give it to me right now and that's it. You just can't do it." If they believe you've had too much to drink, she said they'll cut you off. "They can't have anymore, they can't be served more. Definitely if they're falling asleep at the bar or stumbling out of here uncontrollably then yes we have to put a stop to it and then we ask them to either get a cab home or get a driver and leave. Get home safely, $20 for a taxi ride, rather than a $1,000 in court fees." The Omaha Police Department encourages anyone that's had too much to drink to get a safe ride home. You can do so at three different taxi stands around downtown. They're located at 12th and Cass and between Capital and Cass on 10th Street and on Cuming Street next to the Holiday Inn. Numerous taxis will be available for transportation. The Omaha Police Department also encourages fans to use the METRO TRANSIT Stadium Express bus service. It operates from the following free park-and-ride locations: Bellevue Baker's (801 Galvin Rd South Lot) L Street Market Place, 121st and "I" (rear lot) Council Bluffs Mid-America Center (Lots C1 & C3) Westroads Shopping Center (102nd & Nicholas, North of Dick's) The Stadium Express Service fare is $3 per person each way or $6 for a two-ride pass. Exact fare is required. Prepaid cards can be purchased at the time of boarding or at Items prohibited at TD Ameritrade Park will not be allowed onto Metro Buses (large containers - coolers, back-packs, large bags and weapons). "Like" Melina on Facebook and follow her on Twitter to stay connected.