Sheriff's Make House Call with Turkey Dinners

Maureen Wurtz

OMAHA (KPTM)- Fifty Omaha families are a little more thankful this Thanksgiving after Douglas County Sheriff's Deputies delivered turkey dinners, with all the fixings Thursday.

The Miller family was hard at work, instead of sleeping in on Thanksgiving Day, they were delivering meals to needy families. "(I noticed) an appreciation for what they have already, and a deep appreciation for today's meal," said Tia Miller.

Miller and her husband, Chad, and daughter, Taylor delivered meals donated by Hy-Vee and ConAgra. "I think it's important that the Douglas County Sheriff's department, we're out there to help the community."

A community that opened it's doors to the Miller family. "Come on in!" said Teresa Villafuerte.

"I'm so happy it's nice to get a meal, people bringing stuff over, especially this time of the year," said Villafuerte. "The economy is really bad, you're kind of living from check to check."

The Miller family, along with dozens of other Sheriff's deputies, spent the day putting smiles on people's faces.

"For people, to actually take the time out of their day, and their family, to take the time to bring something to us and my family, it's wonderful," said Reon Wilson.

"Thanksgiving means family, spending time with your family," said high school Junior, Taylor. "And being grateful for everything you do have."