Shooting Victim Speaks Publicly For The First Time

OMAHA (kptm) - A shooting victim is talking for the first time, saying she knows who did it.

Omaha police arrested 21-year old Tracy Parnell. He's facing several charges, including using a gun to commit a felony and making terroristic threats.

Police say he went to an apartment October 28th and pointed a gun at 20-year old Nakia Johnson.

Then, three days later, someone shot Johnson and her cousin several times. Police say the cases are not related, but Johnson tells a different story.

Omaha police say Nakia Johnson was hanging out at a friends apartment when Tracy Parnell put a handgun to her head and told her to call her boyfriend because he was a rival gang member. "He started arguing with me and then he left and came back. He had a pistol and then I stood up like I mean what's going on like ya know what I'm saying and if you gonna shoot me you might as well do it now cause this is going to be a problem and he stood there with this look on his face and I'm like ok, so you're not going to leave and you're not going to let me leave," Johnson says.

Just over a week ago Johnson and her cousin, 16 year old Eriana Carr, were shot in front of their own house. "I just think about it cause I feel like it's my fault. He was after me and she just happened to be with me," Johnson says.

At this time police say the two confrontations are not related. "Right now there's no connection that we know of at this time. As far as we know they are two completely separate incidents even though she was shot three days later," Officer James Shade says.

Johnson called 911 from inside the apartment. She said a man by the name of La-Lao was threatening her with a handgun. La-Lao is Parnell's nickname. Fox 42 spoke with Parnell's grandmother and she says he didn't do it. She believes police need to look into other angles. But Johnson has no doubt in her mind that it was him. "They know what kind of man their son is, they know. And, I've been around them to where I've heard them say things, not like, I'm not going to say them, but I've heard them say things where it's like I wouldn't put it past you basically. Ya know what I'm saying? I wouldn't put you shooting me 11 times, I wouldn't put that past you. I just wouldn't because you put a gun to my face," Johnson says.

Parnell's criminal history proves he has a past with guns that dates back to 2008. "I want to know how he feels ya know like does he have feelings of remorse for killing someone who never did anything to anybody and then shoot me. I don't think the issue was that big, like you killing somebody's daughter and you have a daughter of your own and you call me telling me you don't want to go to jail because you have your daughter but you took somebody else's daughter," Johnson says.

Police are still gathering evidence in both cases and are asking you to call Crimestoppers if you have any information.