Shops Start Closing Up Before Demolition

Meghan McRoberts


Various stores in the Nebraska Crossing Outlet Mall in Gretna are preparing to close up shop before the mall sees the wrecking ball.

Some were given just 30 days notice to be out by the end of the month. "We thought some of the businesses were going to be able to stay and now we had to go," said Sara Hessler, and employee at Bargain Mart Tools and More.

Hessler said many stores already moved out months ago. After 6 years of business, now they have two weeks left to sell nearly $200,000 worth of merchandise. Hessler said they hoped for at least 90 days notice.

Now, some items are going for less than the store owner bought them for.

"Its hard because they have a lot of inventory they'll have to pack out of there," said Brian Dailey, a regular customer.

The demolition is set to make room for a new, 70 million dollar development that promotes bringing in new big-name stores.

Hessler says there isn't much room elsewhere in Gretna for the tool mart, but they hope to find a new location soon.

Employees and customers say seeing the businesses move out is unfortunate, but they are excited for the potential of the new development.

"I think it will be an improvement and bring out a lot more customers this way," said Hessler.