Sinkhole Problems Continue for Council Bluffs Neighborhood

Curt Casper

COUNCIL BLUFFS, IA (KPTM) - One neighborhood in CouncilBluffs has a sinkhole problem. People in the area say they have been dealingwith it for the last seven years and they want it fixed before more damage isdone or someone gets hurt. The city tells Fox 42 News it is a top priority.

Thursday morning three different sinkholes were visible near46 Charles Street. Fox 42 News notified the city of the sinkholes. By theThursday afternoon the city had been by to fill the sinkhole with an entiretruckload of dirt. The area was blocked off as well.

The city had spent last summer fixing up the area; they hadalready installed a new road, sidewalks and driveways. A city official tellsFox 42 News they were in the process of installing grass but weren't able toestablish it before the winter. The official says the recent rains washed outthe soil.

But Krystin Flenker believes there is a bigger issue and sheis worried it could cause damage to her home.

"It is a band-aid, it is a giant band aid it is a hugeproblem that isn't going anywhere it is here to stay unfortunately we have tocome together and get something done," she said.

April Liebert is also worried there is a greater problemthat exists, she tells Fox 42 News she is worried about the children who walkup and down the street after school.

"Sometimes I think that it has gone on for so long that itis undermining our driveways, our homes, because they just kept on puttingband-aids on it," Liebert says.

The city says they have been spending about a milliondollars per year to fix the neighborhood, including a new storm sewer andpavement. Its all part of a ten-phase neighborhood rehab project set to becomplete in the next 6-7 years.