Slick Roads, Ice Cause Problems For Drivers

Paul Gutierrez

OMAHA (KPTM) - Overnight snow and black ice Monday morning turned into a big headache for drivers metrowide.

Before 9 A.M., crash after crash filled city streets forcing police to stop taking property damage accident reports.

"You had a real false sense of security because one block would be perfectly dry and then the next block would be nothing but black ice," said Mark Dunwoody, a body shop manager.

By noon, traffic began flowing smoothly again, but not before several fender benders. Now, body shops are preparing for a busy week.

"It wasn't too bad today because normally people think more about getting to work, then they'll call their insurance company and find out if they'll need an estimate or if they're going to send an adjuster," said Dunwoody. "After that, we expect to see an increase in business."

The accidents have now been removed from the roads and it's all clear, but that doesn't mean Mother Nature won't throw us for a loop again.

"That's when you have to put yourself on an alert. Especially, when it gets to the point where it starts freezing you have to really be on guard."

If you've already taken your winter weather emergency kit out of your car, auto experts recommend you put it back in so you'll have something to stay warm in the event the unexpected happens.