Small Creek Creating Big Concerns In Blair

Paul Gutierrez

BLAIR (KPTM) - What's known to residents as South Creek near the city hall building is turning into a giant headache for some homeowners.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency says it's at risk to flood, therefore, flood insurance premiums must go up, but people who live near the stream are wondering why because they can't ever remember it being a problem before.

"It flooded in 1934, but it isn't going to flood again because the problem's been fixed and it's been fixed for a long time," said Paul Smith, who lives near the creek.

The change in rates, in some cases ten times more expensive, is happening after emergency managers raised the flood elevation by about nine feet.

"We're mandated to have flood insurance, okay that's fine, but we ought to be able to get it at a reasonable price," said Smith.

Blair's Assistant City Administrator, Phil Green, won't say FEMA's recent study is wrong, but he is questioning the approach to how they price things.

"All of the sudden whatever structures were there, even if they were built according to the old rules, you now have to pay the price."

Theoretically, the City of Blair could come out with its own study, but Green told FOX 42 News Friday it's not going to because of time, money and energy.