Removing Snow for Mail Carriers

Zach Revense

OMAHA (KPTM) - The Omaha Post Office is asking people toclear the areas mail carriers use to reach mailboxes.

"Mail delivery service may be delayed or curtailed wheneverstreets or walkways present hazardous conditions to our carriers or vehicles,"said Postmaster Keith Reed.

With the icy obstacles and cutting wind, carriers are stillpatient. They know that it takes alittle time for everyone to make paths for them.

"This is all expected," said Tom Mahr, a 26-year longmailman, "- especially after a snowstorm like we just had."

Some people are digging out trenches from their front doorsto that of their neighbors.

"So he doesn't have to go up and down these hills, we'llshovel a path so he can go house to house," said Michael Robinson Peterson.

"That way it will be easier for him to get his mail servicedone today, and hurry up and get on home to his family."

Snow is expected to fall overnight, so upkeep will benecessary tomorrow.

Postmaster Reed specifically said his delivery personnelneed steps and sidewalks to be free of ice, and the fronts at curbsidemailboxes free of snow. That includescluster boxes.