Snow No Excuse for Delivery Drivers

Curt Casper

OMAHA (KPTM) - No amount of snow will stop Ryan Martz fromdelivery sandwiches. He has been working as a delivery driver for the lastyear.

"Of course find a different route, sometimes you have towalk it, sometimes you have to park a couple of blocks away and walk," he said.

The pending snow storm, where the Omaha metro could see asmuch as a foot of snow on Thursday, has Jimmy Johns on 40th andDodge prepare for the mad rush, or phones ringing off the hook.

Store manager Cameron Markey said, " Tomorrow will bechaotically busy, we will do twice the amount of deliveries."

This means, drivers like Martz will have to take extraprecautions on the road.

"Oh drive a lot slower, make sure you are giving everybody plentyof room," Martz said.

"With the snow the delivery times are going to be slower, itis kind of hard to be freaky fast when you have a lot of snow around," Markeysaid.

Other delivery companies say they are expecting moredelivers on Thursday despite the weather.