Snow Plows Clear Omaha Neighborhoods

By: Melina Matthes

OMAHA (kptm) - After last night's dusting, snow plows were back on the streets double checking to make sure the roads were clear.

However, many neighborhoods around the metro still have snow caked roads.

Fox 42 News spoke with a local plow driver who said the problem isn't what Mother Nature is doing but rather what we are doing that's interfering.

The city of Omaha hires roughly 20 private contractors to plow residential neighborhoods and streets; however one plow driver said it's not always an easy task.

He said most residents shovel their driveways and then throw the snow into the street. "We get them all taken care of and then they shovel or snow blow everything back through, it makes it even harder for us," Nick Alexander said.

Alexander said tossing your snow into the street not only makes the pavement icy but it makes it tough for the plows to keep up. "We got to come back through and clean it up making it a little bit longer for us to get out to the next neighborhood for people to get taken care of as well too."

Another problem he sees that makes cleaning up your street even harder is cars left parked on the street. "Some of the people, you know don't move their cars for two or three days. It gets to be really tough especially when it's all hard, packed down and then for us to come back through, it makes it even worse so the best thing is to put your car in the driveway."

He said if we all work together after a messy snowfall, our streets could be clearer, making our drive less stressful.

To ensure all the neighborhood streets are well taken care of the city has inspectors come out and check each neighborhood.

If the streets aren't plowed appropriately the private contractors don't get paid. Alexander said that's enough incentive to make sure his team does a good job.

If a street in your neighborhood still hasn't been plowed, call the city's 24 hour snow removal complaint line at the mayor's office. That number is 402-444-4919.

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