Snow-slicked Roads Create Chaos for Drivers

Car parts left on Farnam after an accident

Nicole Ebat

OMAHA(KPTM)--Omaha drivers got a rough wake-up call to winter driving Thursday. The snow started coming down just before noon, but quickly built up covering the roads.

"I came to a stop, but my car didn't want to stop fast enough," said Maria Sandoval, who braved the snowy roads for a trip to the gym. She did manage to avoid that crash.

Accident reports began pouring in around 2 P.M. Police said drivers were spinning out and sliding into ditches on HWY 370 and other interstates in town.

Eventually police stopped responding to accidents unless someone was injured or a car was blocking the road.

Social networks blew up with reports about hazardous conditions around town. Many warned that Pacific street was especially dangerous.

According to the National Weather Service, it may snow another two inches over night.

Drivers we spoke to said most people around town seemed to be minding their manners behind the wheel.

"People are doing a lot better than the first snow," said Sandoval. "There were people driving ten miles and hour and people driving 50 miles an hour. But now people are just using good judgement."

The best winter driving tip is to just not do it, but if you have to remember to slow down and keep your distance. Driving experts recommend stopping about three times as early as you would in good driving conditions.

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