Snowstorm Brings Traffic To Halt

Paul Gutierrez

COUNCIL BLUFFS (KPTM) - A heavier than anticipated snowstorm walloped the metro Sunday afternoon.

Between Grand Island to Council Bluffs and beyond, the storm created whiteout conditions that made driving nearly impossible in some parts. About 70 cars were seen off the road between Lincoln and Omaha along Interstate 80. On the Iowa side, even a few plows were no match for mother nature's fury.

"It's certainly no fun," said traveler Fred Salzinger. "Keeping your distance in conditions like these is a must."

The National Weather Service said Sunday wind gusts in some areas topped out at about 40 miles per hour adding to the trouble.

Transportation officials were also busy Sunday. They advise against travel at this time, but say that if you have to go somewhere to use extra caution because roads are extremely slick and slippery.