South Omaha Man Fightsor Squeals for Neighborhood

OMAHA (KPTM)- It's atalent he said he's had since a kid; squealing like a pig.

"My nickname is Boss Hog," said 'Boss Hog' of the OmahaCitizen Patrol.

Boss works for a different kind of neighborhood watch in hisSouth Omaha neighborhood. He said it's his duty to keep all of Omaha safe, andhe does it for free.

"You just try to make the streets more safe for the youngergroup of people growing up. A lot of them younger kids are growing up and youtry to get out there and steer them from trouble," said Boss.

Boss and his nephew, 'Joe Dirt,' cruise the streets of SouthOmaha looking for trouble day in andout.

"You just want to change it a little, but you can't," saidBoss.

Boss said abandoned houses are one of the biggest problemshe has. "Come a long see that think wow- break in-take copper-take everythingout of it. Break the windows."

On one patrol on Tuesday, Boss counted 17 houses not boardedup or taken care of within an hour.

"The law won't let us go up and block out these windows fromkids or people or whoever try to break into them houses like that," said Boss.

Boss writes down all the problems houses, each address, andreports it back to his commander.

"Us, we're making a difference," said Boss.

Boss said as long as there's crime on the streets, he'llkeep making sure his tank is full and his pen is ready.

"I said, sorry sir-it's not your hood, it's our hood. You'rein Omaha- it's our hood," said Boss.

You could call him a neighborhood watchdog, but his name isBoss Hog.

He's keeping an eye out on the streets, and instead ofwearing a police uniform, he's in overalls.

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