South Omaha Neighborhoods Getting New Look

Paul Gutierrez

OMAHA (KPTM) - Parts of South Omaha near 24th and Vinton may look a little rundown, but change is already in the works.

Crews spent much of their Tuesday making steady progress on several new and refurbished homes in the area. It's all part of an effort to give it a makeover and attract a newer generation of homeowners.

"As long as something positive happens in our part of town that'll be good," said Candy Boylan, a resident of South Omaha.

Developers are hoping to turn a row of newly constructed houses in older neighborhoods into rental homes; an idea that's welcoming to some people who live nearby.

"It's pretty lonely here right now," said Aurelio Garcia. "It would be good if we can get families in here willing to stay."

Some neighbors are also hoping the new development attracts young professionals.

"We are close to the Old Market where things are always happening," said Boylan. "I believe this area is only going to get better."

In addition to Vinton Street, the Deer Park neighborhood will also get a makeover.