Sporting Events Bring In Millions of Dollars to Omaha

OMAHA (KPTM)- Three major sporting events over the last three months brought in more than a quarter fans dollars to Omaha and fifty million dollars.

Whether it was US Ice Skating Championships, swim trials, or 'Battles On Ice', sports fans had their pick of events to go to this year. "Businesses in town certainly enjoyed having people for the weekend," said Harold Cliff, President of Omaha Sports Commission.

Businesses also enjoyed a fifty million dollar economic boost.

"North downtown in particular is really an event driven area," said Eryn Wisdom.

Wisdom owns Wag, an organic pet store in down town Omaha. It's just a five minute walk from the CenturyLink Center.

"I think a lot of us do kind of rely on concerts, sporting events at TD Ameritrade, or CenturyLink. We do have a lot more foot traffic then," said Wisdom.

Fans packed each of the events; total attendance for all three was 271, 368.

"We like to cater to events that bring economic impact to the whole area," said Cliff.

Wisdom said sales during those events have helped her plan to move her shop to a bigger location. "We're growing each month."

Wisdom said she's planning on moving her shop just a couple of minutes away.

One thing Cliff hopes will stay, US Olympic Swim Trials.
"What Omaha has going for it is the fact that we've done it twice," said Cliff.

Cliff said he will find out if Omaha will host the 2016 trials in a couple of weeks.

Omaha is one six cities that have bid on the trials.