Stadium Upgrades for Council Bluffs

Clark Young

KPTM (Omaha) - Council Bluffs school board approved a $686,000 renovation plan for the Council Bluffs football and track stadium.

For more than 45 years the stadium has been a hot spot for Council Bluffs, but after all the years of holding up fans, the bleachers are finally getting a much needed makeover.

The new bleachers will hold more than 4,500 people which is twice as many people as the current bleachers hold.

"we have actual wood benches with a metal system underneath it and it's just seen better days, it takes a lot of maintenance as far as tightening up bolts every game," says Staci Pettit the facilities director.

But the bleachers are just the beginning. Council Bluffs Superintendent, Dr. Martha Bruckner, says the next most important thing to do with the area would be to put in an eight lane track and to have turf on the football field so they could use it for both football and soccer.

For now the goal is get the new bleachers up and ready to go before football season kicks off.