Stanton County Tornadoes: Town Comes Together After Devastation

By: Melina MatthesMMatthes@kptm.comPILGER (kptm) - With all the destruction, people in the town of Pilger are coming together. Fox 42 News was there as one family proudly showed how they are uniting during this overwhelming time. A devastating site in the village of Pilger after tornadoes touched down destroying the small town. A family owned business for many decades lies in a pile of debris at the edge of town. Family members pick up the pieces of what's left of the Oswald Farm Supply store after tornadoes tore it down. "It's emotional but I'm sure it's not as emotional as losing your home, but there are some memorabilia in there that's been in the family for over 30 years so it's hard at times but it's kind of neat when you find something," Jessica Oswald said. A hidden treasure like the American flag "I was digging through there and I ended up seeing an American flag in there so I pulled some stuff off of it and we ended up climbing that post sticking perfectly up. So I climbed up there, tied her up there and she's kind of symbolism behind what you doyou pick up the pieces and go from there, everybody comes together and you just go from there," Josh Herscheid said. A symbol of our country and a sight that they hope brings the community together. "For this to be a main highway by the townfor the people to see that in the days to come, I think it's going to be inspiring and show that this little farming community is going to unite and pull through." The family said they'll continue to pick up the pieces of their supply store, in the meantime they're just hoping volunteers will come out and help them over the next few days. "Like" Melina on Facebook and follow her on Twitter to stay connected.