Staying Safe During Winter Clean Up

Curt Casper

OMAHA (KPTM) - 28 people went to an Omaha hospital since the snow started to fall on Thursday. They were hurt from slips and falls to snow blower accidents and even shoveling snow.

Adam Erickson tells Fox 42 News it doesn't snow like this in Great Britain. He still hasn't gotten used to the amount of snow here in Nebraska. He was just finishing up shoveling snow of the sidewalks of his corner house lot. During his time shoveling he was taking extra safety measures trying to prevent injuries.

"I try to bend down and lift with my knees but that is not always possible," he said.

Physical Therapists say this is the best way to prevent hurting your back. They warn against twisting your body with the snow in the shovel. Instead they say to step forward and push the snow away from you.

Gib Willert is a professor of physical therapy at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. He tells Fox 42 News its all about the right form.

"Use good form and you're not bending at the back you are bending at the hips and knees that is less of an issue," he said.

Paying attention to your surroundings while you are shoveling is also important. Never turn your back to the street to prevent being hit by a passing car or snowplow truck.

Willert also has a better idea.

"If your back is bothering you, hire a teenager, get a younger back, that is what I like to do," he said.