Stolen SUV Recovered with Help of Police Helicopter

OMAHA(KPTM)- Bobbi Nelson thought she would never see her SUV again. Now she's thanking the pilots who spotted it thousands of feet above ground. "It feels really good. These guys are under-appreciated for the hard work they do for us, I think." said Nelson.

Nelson's vehicle was stolen Monday night while she was getting gas at Bucky's in Millard. Police say reports of stolen cars are not uncommon. At any given time in Omaha, officers are searching for roughly 50 stolen vehicles.

"We look for so many stolen vehicles after 24 hours, it wasn't really at the front of my mind. However I saw this tweet from Fox 42. So when we saw it and put two and two together, I thought 'maybe this is the stolen Rav 4,' and we were pretty excited," said Able 1 pilot Jason Messerschmidt."

For those officers, the search for other stolen vehicles continues, but for Nelson it's the end of the road. "It feels really nice just to be able to come and give them a little "thank you," and just express my gratitude ...I think we'll sleep tight tonight," said Nelson.

The pilots who helped locate Nelson's car said the experience also encouraged them to keep fighting crime. "I've been in the unit for about seven years now and this is the first time anyone has actually come out to thank us for doing our job. It was really nice. We are so far detached from the police department out here, we don't get a lot of contact with anyone. It's really great to have someone come out, really appreciate it," said Able 1 pilot Matt Baughman.