Stop Worrying! Mild Summer Doesn't mean a Horrible winter, according to NWS

OMAHA (KPTM)- The winter of 2014 was a tough one but the summer has been great so far. "I think this has been the best summer ever," said Laurel Peterson. "Not too hot, not too cold, it's just been a little mild here," said Jon Blek. Before you start predicting that a mild summer means a harsh winter, take a deep breath. "It could be a horrible winter," said Peterson. David Pearson with the National Weather Service said Tuesday that folks living in Omaha can breathe easier when it comes to the winter, kind of. "Mild summer doesn't mean a cold winter, mild winter, or a snowy winter. The two are pretty much exclusive," said Pearson. Pearson said the two seasons are independent of each other. "Long term weather patterns change from season to season-they're not necessarily connected," said Pearson. When FOX 42 asked him about how the winter might be, Pearson said it's too soon to tell. "We have a different pattern from last winter for sure, that's one thing we are pretty sure about," said Pearson.