Students Donate Shed to Pilger Tornado Victim

PILGER, Neb. (KPTM)- A semester long project created by some high school students is now sitting in Eric VonSeggren's yard. "You know what, it's a good place to start rebuilding," said VonSeggren. VonSeggren's home was lost in the Pilger tornadoes. When his daughter called and said some high school students wanted to donate a shed, he was speechless. "They have a shed they want to give to you, give to us, and are you willing? I said no question-most definitely," said VonSeggren. "It feels good to help out another family, even if it's not a family in our community," said Miranda Charles. "I feel really great-seeing them smile and happy-even a little emotional about it," said Morgan Leutkenhaus. Leutkenhaus and Charles built the shed their spring semester. The two girls had help from one other student and two advisors. "I think it was just meant to be. It was the perfect project for the kids, giving back to a community," said FFA advisor, Thomas Dux. The two girls along with six other students unloaded the new shed Monday morning. VonSeggren said the shed is the first new thing on his property since the tornadoes destroyed his home. "You know what it's a good place to start rebuilding," said VonSeggren. "This is the first thing new coming back onto this place so it stands for a lot." For the students, it was a way to give back, but for VonSeggren, it meant a lot more. "This is home," said VonSeggren.