Students Improving In Math And Reading

OMAHA (kptm) - Is your child making the grade? The state of the schools report is out and Nebraska students are showing progress.

The majority of Nebraska students are improving in school. "Oh that's great. I think that's really, it says a lot about the teachers and everyone involved," parent David Goebel says.

A first ever report was released today on Nebraska public schools and student performance. The report has test scores from nearly 250 schools. And overall, Nebraska public school students are doing better in reading and math than in previous years. "It's exciting news to know that the teachers are working harder with the students and giving them more hope so they can move on to college and better things in their lives," parent Sheila Warner says.

And in Omaha, OPS is now in the top quarter of all schools in the state of Nebraska. "We could not be prouder of the students and staff and our leadership of the Omaha Public Schools," Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Renae Kehrberg says.

"It's a blessing to see that the kids are doing better. That the graduation rates are going up, that gives a lot of kids at OPS a lot more hope," Warner says.

This year 90% or more of Nebraska public high school students graduated. However there are still three groups that are struggling to finish. African Americans, Hispanics and special education students. "I think that every child has their troubles in school whether you're in a minority group or you're not. I think the issues are equally there for everybody," Warner says.

"I think it starts kind of with their surrounding and their home life. I think it's been that way forever and it just perpetuates as time goes on, it's vindictive of their surroundings I think," Goebel says.

And school officials say parents must take a big role. "I'll say one word, readread, read, read. Give your child a chance to read, support them with reading after school. If your children are young, read to your child. Vocabulary and knowledge of reading is the most important variable in overall school success," Dr. Kehrberg says.

Giving children the foundation of a better life.

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