Students Surprise Retiring Principal In Style

Franque Thompson

BENNINGTON (KPTM)- After overcoming tragedy and triumph, Bennington High School bids farewell to its long-time principal with a surprise ceremony.

Bennington principal Stanley Turner will retire in just a few days. Tuesday's assembly came as a big surprise.

"I'm normally a person that knows pretty much what's going on in my building and the building has fooled me," he said jokingly.

Students and faculty fooled Turner into sitting back and watching his school pay one last tribute to its favorite principal.

"He's been at the high school since I was a kindergartner. So it's kind of cool to see it through," said Molly Misfeldt who created the surprise ceremony for her senior project.

"Almost every morning when you walk through the door, he's opening the door for you saying, 'Hello, welcome, welcome. Welcome to school," said Bennington student Natalie Budz.

"We all try to work towards that goal major goal of making each other better," said Turner.

This is the same high school that saw tragedy in 2011. Three students were in a car wreck that critically injured two and claimed the life of one. Since then Turner and the school have seen tremendous growth.

"One of the girls that was involved in the accident is graduating this Sunday. We have another girl that's going to be involved in the graduation that was injured seriously in the accident, but she's able to be here with us," said Turner.

Moving forward from the past, students and faculty celebrate Turner's future.

"It was just like the proper way to see him off to his retirement," said Misfeldt.

"Fulfilling, to have so many people be so kind to me," said Turner with tears in his eyes.

Students also sold bracelets to raise money for principal Turner's wife, who is battling breast cancer. Students presented him a check for $1,100. Turner said he's donating the money to the organizations that helped his wife.