Sunday Storm Hammers Ithaca, Causes Massive Flooding

Paul GutierrezITHACA, NE (KPTM) - The small town near Wahoo is not only picking up the pieces after Sunday's strong storm, it's also dealing with massive flooding."It's really deep and it's moving unbelievably fast," said Hilary Thumann of Ithaca.That water caused a normally tranquil creek to overflow making travel in some spots nearly impossible. The heavy rainfall and howling winds certainly didn't do any favors to farmland."This year we're doing beans, but they're gone," said Thumann.Damaged crops were only the beginning of what is a nuisance for her friends and family. The storm ripped off Thumann's drain pipe and caused debris from a neighbor's house to fall into her yard."I don't even know what some of the stuff is," described Thumann. "I finished picking up sticks and now I've got logs to pick up, too."To the west of Ithaca, trees were snapped in half. Rooftops on barns and sheds were also shattered.