Syrian Living in Omaha Supports A Strike on his Homeland

OMAHA(KPTM)-As politicians debate the issue, a Syrian man living in Omaha says he supports a strike on his home country.

Soubhi Azzouz moved to Omaha from Syria two years ago to complete a medical residence at a local hospital. Azzouz says a U.S. Strike is exactly what Syria may need, to get rid of someone far worse.

"As I told you, Assad is a cancer he needs chemotherapy. It's been proven in the past that it is curable. They've gotten rid of Saddam Hussein and gotten rid of Quadafi and Assad is just another Hussein or Khadafi and it has its side effects," said Assouz.

Assouz added that part of Syria's pathway to healing and a better future involves taking a stand against Bashar Assad whatever the price may be. "Some people will die for sure but at the end of the day, Iraq is rising slowly and Libya the same and hopefully Syria one day," said Assouz who plans to stay in Omaha until he finishes his residency and possibly longer.