Tattered Flags Flying Throughout the Metro

OMAHA (KPTM)- Five months of high winds have taken a toll on American flags flying in every corner of the metro.

There is no penalty for flying a tattered flag but it is against the law.

"We need more support and more people to love the American flag," said Bob Sadil of South Omaha's American Legion Post 331.

"We will take flags and properly dispose of them with a military ceremony. We will also take care of them in a new way. When a veteran passes away, and is cremated, we will burn the flag during the cremation with a proper military ceremony as well," added Sadil.

His post took down all of the American flags that were flying along the Veterans Memorial Bridge in South Omaha because they were wind damaged.

"We will replace them. We had to do a fundraiser for that," said Sadil.

Members of the post will also talk to business owners about flags that should not be flying outside their store front.

"You have to say, hey, that flag's getting torn a little, can we help you take it down and can you let us take care of disposing it for you?" said Tom Homan of American Legion Post 331.

Any veterans organization or any Boy Scout group will receive torn flags and properly dispose of them.