Teen Accused of Trying to Lure Girl

UPDATED:OMAHA (KPTM)- Police said they have arrested a man in South Omaha after gettingcomplaints about him wandering the area and trying to entice a young girl.

Police were called to the area of 9th and Frances Wednesday evening. They found19-year-oldJavier Rueda-Orozco. Police said the mother of a little girl saw him trying towave down her daughter. She claims he even grabbed her daughter's backpack. Themother said her daughter got away and ran home. The mother said she spottedRueda-Orozco later in the day and called police. Police say he ran away, butthey were able to catch him.

"Whywould a 19 year old kid-or yeah kid want to talk to an eight-year-old girl. Shedidn't know him. He didn't know her," said the victim's Mother, ChristinaIngalls.

Ingalls told FOX 42 Thursday that she had seen Rueda-Orozco around herneighborhood before.

"I don't feel any safer, especially when it's right in frontof your house," said Ingalls.

Ingalls said her daughter screamed and called for help,which was exactly what she had told her to do in a 'stranger danger' situation.

"We've always talkedabout stuff if this happens. You scream as loud as you can. Don't hold back-Isaid scream-blood murder-scream help!" said Ingalls.

Ingalls said her daughter is trying to put on a brave face,but she is shaken up. "She's trying to be big and brave but and we let theschool know and the school is going to have a counselor and stuff," saidIngalls.

Police have charged Rueda-Orozco with resisting arrest andhaving drug paraphernalia. Additional charges against Rueda-Orozco are pending.