Teen In Coma After Rollover Crash; Family Begging for Answers

OMAHA (KPTM)- An 18-year-old Omaha woman is in a coma afterher car rolled several times early Saturday morning.

Police said Maranda Carey was driving around midnight onSaturday when she lost control of her vehicle. Family members told FOX 42 that she may have been swerving becauseanother car cut her off.

"You walk into that stinking room, and you see her, and you'relike, we still don't know," said Carey's uncle, Tim Main.

Police said Carey was taking the Irvington exit off ofI-680. Family members said Carey was only five minutes from home when her carrolled.

"Basically, what it boils down to, is we do not want to bein this hospital right now wondering if she's ever going to wake up," saidMain.

Three other people were in the car at the time of theaccident. Carey's family members said all are expected to be okay. According to police reports, Carey andanother were ejected from the vehicle.

"She was found 50 feet away," said Main.

Family members said Monday that Carey remains in amedical-induced coma. Cathy Main, Carey'sgrandmother, said she has a whole list of injuries including a collapsed lungand head trauma.

"She's fighting for her life, come and say something," saidCathy Main.

Family members said people in the car told them that aperson driving a 'black dodge charger' cut Carey off, causing her to losecontrol.

"It was an act of road rage," said Tim Main.

The Main family is asking anyone with information to comeforward, so they can have answers.

"Come forward, and let us know the answers," said AndrewMain, another Uncle.

The family said they are searching for the driver, butanother couple as well who may have helped Carey out before medics arrived. Tim Main said medics told him that Carey isalive because of what the couple did.

"We're searching for the big bad wolf and little red ridinghood," said Tim Main.

Main said Carey could have several months of recovery aheadof her.

Police are still investigating the cause of theaccident. Cathy Main said otherpassengers in the car admitted to drinking and Carey's BAC was well below legal limit, but she is under the age of 21.