Telemarketers Could Actually Be Scammers

Franque Thompson

OMAHA (KPTM)- Seems like telemarketers are blowing up our phones more and more each day. With today's technology the companies calling you might not even be legit. Authorities said those calls may be out to scam you all the way from a different country.

Mark Rollag owns his own telemarketing agency in Nebraska. He believes there is a lax in the Federal Commission's, "Do Not Call List."

"Nobody abides by that. They still call no matter what because they know the federal government doesn't enforce it," said Rollag.

He said scammers are taking advantage of the law--making it hard for telemarketing businesses like Rollag's to seem legit.

"We go through great lengths to protect phone numbers from scammers because once they get a name and a number they'll call," said Rollag.

Most of those calls are coming from different countries.

"They're beyond the reach of U.S. Law enforcement, so they don't adhere to U.S. Laws, they aren't concerned with them," said Jim Hegarty, president of the Better Business Bureau in Omaha.

The BBB said scammers are spoofing real companies or creating fake ones to steal your information.

"The call could be coming from Jamaica, Nigeria, or eastern Europe because the scammers are utilizing technology that allows them to make it look as if the call is local," said Hegarty.

The BBB said if you don't have any kind of business relationship with the caller, you should write down the company's name and phone number. After you hang up, you should immediately report that company so authorities can track down the scammers.

"All of us have to be on guard all the time, everyday, because these guys are working 24/7 to try to get at our information," said Hegarty.

That's whether your number is on the do not call list or not.

"It's nearly impossible with today's technology to block some of this or to catch it," said Rollag.

The BBB said research companies calling to conduct surveys do not pertain to the do not call list. If you would like to discontinue those survey calls or any call from a legitimate company, you have to ask to be on the company's own do not call list.